Getting Started

What is Project Nimbus?
Project Nimbus is an initiative that hopes to solve innovators’ problem of finding data sets and services by offering a central place for authoritative and reliable data and services access from government and commercial entities in Singapore.

How does Project Nimbus Work?Project Nimbus works by providing the platform for content owners and consumers to meet and foster innovation while keeping it hassle free.

How do I get started?
Project Nimbus [Technical Preview] is now on. You are ready just in a few simple steps

  • 1. Drop us a mail with your name and email for contact, we will send you an account key for use. Currently there is no restriction on dataset access for the technical preview period
  • 2. Review the datasets we have
  • 3. Review the resources on our Demonstration Page for code sample or our Developer Page for language/platform specific guides and tutorials
  • 4. Have fun! If you build something cool, drop us a mail so we can shout out about you.
  • Who we are and What do we do?
    Check out our About Us page to find out more.

    How can i find out more?
    Check out our FAQ page for more.


    13 Responses to Getting Started

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    3. CC says:

      Broken link…

    4. Serene Chew Xue Ting says:

      hello, would u mind send me your mail? i send u my details throught gmail as there seems to be some problem for my outlook.

    5. Feroz says:

      Do you have a dataset about hospitals. Specifically I am looking at number of free beds available in in each hospital.
      I am building an app that needs this info, so that patients wanting to get admitted as in patient can see which hospitals have free beds and go their accordingly.


    6. Dennis says:

      hi, is there anyone here who can help me?

    7. jason says:

      Do you have the app after 12 for Android?

    8. victorya says:

      hi, is there a small dataset for jobs in the world. I’ll currently doing a dataBase project on jobs. I need a dataset for job providers, job searchers and jobs. (not necessarily really datasets). Anyway i can get these datasets??

      many thanks

    9. tea says:

      Hi, How many exact datasets are available to use? Cos we have been trying some datasets and a lot of the datasets are down/ cant be used. Please help, thanks!

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